Upset about the new president? Y'all just followers. You hear what he's said. You buy into the gossip. You hate what he believes and his image. All the while, little do you know, you're contributing to hate, not hope and change, and the division of class and political parties. By the looks of it, most of you are 20 somethings. More than likely going to school, without a job, without a full time job, and if you ever had one, it didn't last very long. Who has all that free time? Who is able to protest to 1 am, then go to work, and have actual responsibilities? What change could you possibly contribute? You won't change shit. You don't contribute shit now. Then all you do is disrupt the real hard working Americans by walking on highways. It's the people that actually work that contribute that you are fucking with. You're dreamers and idealists until the day reality hits then you're homeless. Or your parents have that path carved for you either way. Then, the one time I have to relax during the day with a little levity, Family Fued and Steve ole Harvey, the show is disrupted with breaking news, with these stupid news channels to show you bravado assholes walking on the freeway. Fucking amazing coverage. What amazing news listening to the anchor chick huffing down the street to give her brainless report of people walking. Thanks for contributing to hate. You're still nobody. It takes true professionals like Clinton and Obama to pass the torch peacefully and bring America together!