I think back on the Bush years and what a debacle they were. 9/11, Iraq/Afghanistan War, economy crash, Katrina, tax cuts for the wealthy, housing market bust and The Bush Great Depression. Republicans do not know how to govern. They know how to obstruct, they know how to squander, and they know how to lie to their base... who, sadly, are more than happy to swallow the lies.

The Republicans have been complete obstructionists during Obama's presidency. They have blocked hundreds of bills that would have invigorated the economy and put people back to work. They've let people linger for years after The Bush Great Depression, they let them lose their jobs, lose their homes and lose their hope... all because they wanted Obama to fail. When the economy took forever to get back on track, they pointed to Obama and yelled that it was his fault... all the while they were blocking the very legislation that would have helped the American people.

Because they cannot govern, and because they've been complete obstructionist who put party over country, Obama has had to mainly use executive power to get anything done. Sadly, Trump can erase all of this on the first day with the swipe of a pen.

After Trump, I think we'll all look back on Bush's failed presidency and say, "Wow, you know what? That wasn't so bad, those were pretty good days"

There are indeed darks ahead of us...