Donald Trump’s victory was not fueled by people who are economically dispossessed and struggling. Here’s what the exit polls actually showed:

Voters with incomes under $50,000 went for Clinton 52%-41%.
Over $50,000 went for Trump 49% to 47%
White non-Hispanic voters preferred Trump over Clinton 58% to 37%

So, if you're a low-income or middle-class Trump supporter, you've voted for the white n'wealthy. I sure hope you're both of those things, because if not...

Bring on the tax cuts for the rich! (we all know how well that works)
Bring on a new war! (you better not whine and cry when your children are sent and the rich kids stay home)
Bring on throwing over 20 million off health insurance (you can't complain when it's YOU or someone you love)
Bring on privatization of Medicare and Social Security (Hope you don't lose yours!)
Bring on taking away civil rights (Good to know you believe the government should infringe on people's civil liberties. How American!)
Bring on the incompetence! (Thanks for inflicting your stupidity onto the rest of the country!)

Also, wasn't the system supposed to be rigged? What happened to that? Trump and his supporters whined and cried like little babies for a year about how the system was rigged. Well?!