Know when a good time to protest would've been? When the election was lost. That was July, when the DNC gave the nomination to a corporatist chicken-hawk, any criticism of whom was condescendingly written off as misogyny, racism, anything to not have to confront the reality of a deeply flawed and controversial candidate. Well that candidate now lost, something which those like Michael Moore — who did not write off the views of those who are not in their outside of their own life experience — had presaged. Maybe it's time to consider that viewpoint. As the Mercury itself has said, this was an year to push the meter, and that's what fucking happened.

It was ours to lose. Countless counties that voted for Obama flipped to Trump. But it's still simple -isms at play here? Elizabeth Warren could have won this. That old socialist jew (if you will forgive him his gender) would have swept. Difference is that they speak to whom Clinton won't deign to acknowledge. A presidential election is not about seniority. Time to look inward.

I protested the Iraq war. I got arrested, and was proud to do so. There is no other event that fucked my generation, our kids' generation, their kids' generation, as hard. I will never forgive the acquiescence of Clinton, and every other senator that voted yes because it was expedient for their careers. Despite that those in their districts, whom they claimed to represent, were livid.

So, silver lining- an Iraq war enabler will not be president.