Putting aside the fact that health insurance costs rise every year, and would have done so even without Obamacare, the Right-wing continues to lie about the news of this increase.

It is Marco Rubio who is to blame: See, due to insurers being worried about there not being enough healthy people to cover the costs of sick people, Obama's administration created a “risk corridor” program to help prop up insurers who lost money in the first three years of the law. Profitable insurers would pay some of those profits into a pool to help insurers who lost money. If the amount insurers lost exceeded what the companies paid in, the government (taxpayers) would step in and make up the difference.

Enter Little Marco: In 2014, he quietly inserted language into the omnibus government spending bill that barred the Department of Health and Human Services from dipping into general funds to pay failing insurers. The administration was allowed to pay only 13 cents of every dollar insurers requested. Without the help of the taxpayers, more than half of the Obamacare insurance cooperatives created under the law failed.

They continue to blame Obamacare itself, when it was that little weasel of a man, Marco Rubio. And by the way, we Liberals knew and were OK with all of us putting into the pot so that those least among us could be covered; that isn't the issue here.

Of course, most Right-wingers prefer the "Let him die!" health insurance option.