I’ve been hardened by all the needy rats trying to pierce my bubble. I have nothing to say, nothing to give. My attention is precious. Actually, it’s no longer a bubble, but has become a shining steel wall between myself and the general public. And my heart, oh how my heart has become the most gorgeous crystalline ice sculpture! People of the streets, if only you could feel how elated I am to not provide you with coins and cigarettes! The joy of being asked for illegal favors by mini-mart teens, my cold, silent stare turning it into a “Never mind”. The glamorous ecstasy when the open day drinking blubbering slob reaches for a handshake and I don’t move a muscle but for a tiny meaningless nod. Someday I will be cold and strong enough to ignore her completely. “Excuse me sir…” such music to my ears as I simply walk on. I am January incarnate. I am resting bitch face frigid perfection and I adore myself for it.