I just love how these Trump supporters are all shocked at the protests going on. "Duh, why can't we have a peaceful transition of power?" "The system worked, why can't Democrats abide by the results?"

You childish motherfuckers. How stupid are you?

Trump had been whining and crying about the system being rigged for the past year. He encouraged protests if he lost. He called for "revolution," meaning, making him president so that he could enrich himself and his family.

The sale of AR-15's rose in the months before the election. Right-wing militias (children with guns) were arming themselves and performing so-called maneuvers "in case" anything happened. They've called for banning all people from a certain religion, supported an admitted racist/bigot/sexual assaulter/adulterer/father who wished he could date his daughter, they've labeled Mexicans "rapists and murderers," and have propagated the Birther movement for 5+ years. And these are the people who are shocked and amazed at the fact that MAJORITY of this nation voted for Hilary?

Trump said the Electoral College was... here we fucking go again: "rigged." He's a fucking JOKE!

You people are morons and get what you deserve. I hope you all lose your healthcare, 401K's, Social Security, jobs and homes. But, I pray to the baby Jesus that you would have enough brain cells to rub together to realize that it was YOUR vote that caused your turmoil.