Galvanized by demoralizing election results and disappointment for thinking my Oregon vote was enough, I am giving to organizations that are making a positive difference in this world: half local; half national. For the local half I went straight to the WW Give Guide, which is divided into nine categories: Animals, Civil & Human Rights, Community Creative Expression, Education, Environment, Health, Human Services, and the Oregon Cultural Trust. The category with the most gifts measured in dollars and number of contributors is Animals. TWICE as many people have donated twice as many dollars to Animals than to any other category. When ranked on what Oregon needs most, animals take dead last. OHS boasts 98% adoption. Meanwhile 15-20% of Oregonian PEOPLE don’t have enough food; our graduation rate is among the lowest in the country; schools are dilapidated and thousands of people sleep on the street. What.The.Fuck. I am grateful the cat ladies have turned out in droves for our furry friends but in case you haven’t noticed there are PEOPLE who need help. Do not confound my frustration for disdain for animals or the organizations that help them; I am proud to be from a state that cares so much. Regardless, I will never understand the phenomenon that pets seem to garner more help from people than PEOPLE. I donated to OPB, Special Olympics of Oregon, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Boys and Girls Club, Earth Justice, Campaign Zero, On the Move, SMART, and Growing Gardens.