Your meetings are bogus. Just like every other meeting where people meet to discuss what they hope to get done, and nothing gets done. You waste time and get paid to talk about your useless aspirations. Just hearing your annoying voice echo through these halls is enough to make me wish I was deaf. "Like this is what I'm gonna do. Like this is what's gonna happen. Like with an election night, generally with all election nights, people will be upset. Like I hope they use this door. Like. Like. Like."
Okay valley queen. How fucking young are you?
You get nothing done by the way. You don't know the meaning of work. You don't know the meaning of lifting a chair. Or walking. You mean I have to walk up the stairs? Furthermore, you have to meet every fucking week to discuss all those important issues and tasks. The one time I had to meet with you about how you'll be renting the space, I saw first hand all your bullshit. Your presentation package was all adorned with details and pictures. Yet when it came time to do what you stated, that was just too much work, wasn't it? All it showed me was everything you said you were gonna do was talk. Just garbage spewing out of your mouth. Because you did nothing. And continue to do nothing although, yes your meetings are so important.
Why don't you guys just get together for craft night because your meetings are just so damn fun and eye opening.