Many, many Republicans want the government to force a women to carry a pregnancy to term, regardless of if they were raped or if it was incest. The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, believes that, "the method of conception is irrelevant to the definition of life" and wants to ban all abortions. He also wants to privatize Medicare, which would increase the costs almost three-fold. And say goodbye to your social security!

Mike Pence is also a staunch anti-abortionist, believes in gay conversion therapy, thinks that the government should force children to learn the bible in school and doesn't believe in climate change.

As Trump dines out on $150+ dinner at a fancy NYC restaurant, the rats are jumping ship on his transition team. Instead of "draining the swamp," he's filling his cabinet with traditional establishment Republicans. His daughter tries to hawk her wares on TV, sons take over his company and his wife plans to head up an online "anti-bullying" campaign, seemingly oblivious to the irony.

These are the people who are running our country. These are the crazies at the helm. Idiocracy, thy time is now.