To the white dude, day before Thanksgiving, biking through Rose Quarter and up Williams: You are a fucking sexist. It was sexist to patronizingly tell me "just wait a few seconds" when I started crossing before the light turned green. There were no cars coming, and I have been bike commuting for 20 years. What gave you the right to tell me what to do? It was sexist to pursue the point by telling me that *you* obey the traffic laws. There's no way you'd have said that to a man, but I'm smaller that you so it must've felt safe. It was REALLY sexist to explain to me that your actions weren't sexist, when I called you out on your behavior. Mansplaining why something isn't sexist is CLASSIC SEXISM. It was sexist to keep telling me your opinion even after I said I wasn't interested. But the ultimate sexist act was calling me psychotic. When a woman gets mad and yells at you, and you call her crazy - that sexist play has been used for a long time. Please take your goddamn male privilege, and your insensitivity to the fact that a lot of women are feeling damn shitty this month, and go fuck yourself.