Bicycle Mansplainer


While I am entirely sympathetic, I have found that the bicycle nannies are equally likely to do this to fellow male cyclists.

What they need to be told is to mind their own business, but I doubt it will have much effect.
I gotta say this guy sounds like a total cheese nuke but bike lane rage is not a sexist issue. Assholes come in all shapes colors and yes, genders. I do appreciate that women everywhere are justifiably on edge given the current political climate. But its everyone's job to refrain from angry backlash and channel this frustration into positive change. That "white male" could easily have been a gay man who is just as freaked out as you, IA. He was in the wrong for scolding a stranger who was minding her biz and not hurting anyone. But finger pointing each other is just what the power mongers want. So let's all do our part to simmer down and focus on the REAL enemies of freedom, and cut each other some slack.
I doubt he was being sexist. He was/is just a Busy-Body Cherub of Bicycle Justice. Those dudes are annoying jackasses, but probably not sexist as a rule. I've had plenty of them give me similar shit for not being the law abiding upstanding citizens they profess to be.

As a rule, I almost always regret taking out my headphones to interact with them. Moral of the story... Just ignore those dipshits. You'll be glad you did.

You are just the worst person ever.