I was the open-minded Catholic dude who wrote about you back in February being the Evangelical street preacher who was preaching to none other than yourself at Pioneer Square as people walked by. As I was waiting for a Yellow MAX train on the platform across the street a few days ago minding my own business, you approached me and thanks to you blabbing away about non-Evangelicals not being "REAL FOLLOWERS OF GOD", I wanted to slug you in your face as you kept yammering away about the virtues people like you and me already are aware of.

I had to remind you multiple times that the phrase "Love thy neighbor as thyself" does not mean the same as "Love a specific kind of neighbor as thyself." You shouted back, "YOU STILL NEED TO BE HEALED, YOU SINNER!" Thankfully, the love of my life, a beautiful and sarcastic Protestant girl surprisingly showed up and kicked you right in your balls.

To close this, if all believers in God behaved the same way, we'd all be behaving like zombies. Fuck off, pick on someone else you asshole, and perhaps God may still give you the middle finger. God cares about everyone and I'll leave it at that.