Let me be clear on one thing. I've always have had a fascination with the DB Cooper case ever since I first read about him in high school that since then, I've been trying to write a screenplay about what actually sticks closer to the facts unlike that piece-of-shit Cooper movie that was released ten years after the actual incident.

However, it has been 45 years since DB Cooper hijacked Northwest Airlines Flight 305 on the evening of November 24th, 1971 and yet Cooper fans still believe he's alive like Elvis fans believe Elvis is still alive?! Had he survived the jump, Cooper now is likely dead, in his 80s or 90s with Alzheimer's. You immature Cooper fanatics need to grow the fuck up!

Worshipping Cooper like he's a fucking urban legend is just evidence that all of you Cooper fanatics are unwittingly showing to everyone that you all are idiots. I'll leave it at that.