As a former canvasser and current food delivery person; let me tell you all of some of my "pee-scores".

Yeah yeah, I state I gotta pee. More than 1/2 of you let me in. Once I'm in(and I only use the restroom, then I go back to the porch area), I bid a thank you and then a farewell.

I never have to pee. It's a lie. I score drugs(last week 40 lorazepams, 80 Percocets, some 30 tablets of viagra and a few things I cannot mention. It was/is rad.

I also score hidden jewelry and other weird shit. I only have a minute and I gotta produce some urinating sounds so it gets a little stressful as I'm exiting.

Bottom line is this, the nextdoor app alone would ruin me by mentioning who I am and etc but I am sure as shit positive no one truly cares enough. And this is 4 zip codes. Basically it's please have my money, don't tell my neighbors I'm an idiot. Weird shit...