To the two grown men, in a presumably heated SUV, who turned left in front of me going through an intersection, waved and smiled at me, biker in the rain - I didn't stop to give you the right of way. I stopped because I value my life. I had the right of way. Please - to whoever is reading this - I understand we all make forgivable mishaps - none of us are perfect - me being one. My point is, when the experience of the day, mishaps have come to out weigh the awareness of other. I think this extends far greater then turning left in front of someone. It's the action and behavior of lack of consciousness for our fellow human being. It's small. Actions, however small, matter. It's much more fulfilling to be out and about in ones day and the awareness is extended. To those of you that would argue I could have extended awareness to the SUV. I did. I stopped. Gratefully so. In other cases, it wouldn't matter since there is no awareness of other. In other cases. I do. Yes, this may be an expectation I have. It's an expectation based in the value of respecting others. It's not going to change.