Reality check for those that think people that deliver food to your fat selfish faces don't deserve a tip:
I have to drive my own car, which is incredibly hard on my family's ONLY car. It's in the shop every six months at a minimum.
I took this job because of the tips, not the hourly wage. You most definitely make more money than me if you're ordering delivery pizza.
You don't deserve to get warm, delicious, not-fucked-with food if you don't tip. Full price plus a "little something extra," is the policy now. Especially when you order regularly and NEVER tip.
Look, I'm not unreasonable. I empathize with the little invalid old lady that can barely write her own signature and lives on a fixed income and can't afford to tip plus NEEDS delivery food to eat. I'm not talking about her.
I am talking about these seemingly regular folks who should know that it's customary to tip a server. If you don't know, you know now. If tipping is too much of a task for you to be bothered with, so is serving your selfish ass.
This is why I tell you EXACTLY how much you are giving me when you stiff me or give me something like 40 cents. We don't want your business if your business is being a cheapskate.
Remember that movie Fight Club? DON'T FUCK WITH THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE YOUR FOOD. It could be bad for your health.