All ages does not mean you get to get drunk with your kid. You are a tall white adult male with a nine year old who he can stand behind right in front of the stage without having to deal with any of the pushing or the dancing that comes with it because you are protecting your vulnerable child. This is not exposing your child to art and culture- this is mansplaying, this is white privilege, this is using a little girl as a pawn to not be a big white dude who wants to stand in front of a bunch of smaller women. Your daughter wanted to hang out with her dad, you have a good thing going there, standing away from the deafening speaker may have been an option. I support all ages shows as venues for kids to experience the energy and shared joy of a live band, it is not a place for you to take selfies with your small child and call it punk rock. When your daughter can make the choice to stand next to a speaker at a punk show then she should. A time may also come when she can make the choice to see her father as an attention seeking self serving sad guy and what happened friday as a last ditch effort to rescue his own waning sense of cool, hopefully she will act accordingly then too. In the meantime, you are cool, your kid is cool and yeah, thanks to your wife and the daughter you made, you also made it up to the front without any guilt.