White male here. Sorry for existing and everything, but at what point do the ManVerb variations stop? Am I supposed to be sorry for ManDriving/Riding my car/bike on the highway/bikelane and ManSignaling when I want to change lanes and ManAccelerating when I want to go faster and ManBraking when I want to slow down and... Man, this shit is tiring AF.
We have a long list of what we (white dudes) shouldn't do (that list is pretty fucking obvious, btw). Could you perhaps figure out what it is that we ARE supposed to do?
I've already tried STFU, and things have only gotten crazier. How can you be so sure of yourself when you haven't even been alive for 25 years? I've lived in Portland for years now, and you post-2010 youngsters are truly the most useless and self-righetous crop yet.