Anonymous Nov 30, 2016 at 7:07 am


He was probably yelling how hot he thinks you are. You spurned him with your cold heart, thusly he drove away.
The election was a referendum on decency. Decency lost yuuge.
The difference is that YOUR candidate ran on bigotry. He ran on misogyny, racism and lies. YOUR candidate appointed Stephen Bannon to his administration, YOUR candidate refused to denounce the KKK's or David Duke's support. YOUR candidate continues to lie to this very day.

There might be a small minority on the left who act out in horrible ways, but the mainstream readily denounces them.

There's 69+ million of you bigots who have YET to denounce Donald Trump.

See the difference now, Meathead?
Glad I could flush out your headgear!
You Republicans are utterly predictable. How did I know you wouldn't address a single point I made?

And by rhe way, we won the vote of THE PEOPLE by over 2 million votes. Donald Trump won on a technicality. Good for you.

So sad you righties have forgotten the last Republican presidency and what a complete failure it was.

Time for you to change the subject again:
And reading through your regurgitated right wing talking point comments, I see that you love to engage in the name calling:
"Idiot vandal"
"Jug-eared idiot" re: Obama
"Acting like assholes"
"Snowflake Presidium"
"Bratty dipshits"
"Mush headed liberals"

The list goes on and on...

Hypocritical much?

Sorry you have such a tiny dick, Jarhead. One of these days you'll find a woman who won't laugh at it.
FFS. Reddit is already overrun with with right-wing trolls (the place is basically /r/oregoncity). WW's comments have long been similar; like OLive but with slightly better grammar. I have enjoyed I/A being left out of this so far. Can't we at least keep this as a space for calling people more creative insults than this unoriginal shit?

Though in a way, I guess this is exactly the OP's point.

Man, that was EASY! Use only a minimal amount of logic and reason with a Republican, you're bound to win every time.

Mark it: Me for the WIN!
P.S. Jarshead: Here's something that will probably break your brain. I mean, you're super smart and well-mannered, so I'd LOVE to get your thoughts on this:

Using logic and reason, Donald Trump and his supporters (you) are terrified of Muslim extremists, yes? Who wouldn't be, right? It seems to make sense that if there is a group of people who are the biggest threat to our nation, we should overreact and take the action of banning the entire religion. Constitution be damned! We live in dangerous times! Make 'merica Great Again!

Let's use the logic of Donald Trump and his supporters (you) and apply it to hard data: The real threat of domestic terrorism are conservative white males.

Yes, more people have been killed since 9/11 by non-muslims. That's a mighty hard pill to swallow, right? I totally understand.

Even if you believe the disinformation of Inforwars, Hannity, Fox News or Trump himself (which I'm sure you do), let's just ask the question in a hypothetical sense: What IF conservative while males were the biggest threat to our nation? What action should be taken? What measures, regulations or laws should we implement?

Well, Jarshead?

Jar-Jar is feeding his useless existence trolling.

As I typed my initial comment, I knew it would only be a matter of time before the rotting flesh vessel Jarhead weighed in with his Pro-Trump BS. He's obviously a closet bigot, and not-so closeted misogynist.

Jarhead, if you bring up the respond in kind card, you're simply trying to rationalize the fact you're looking for an excuse to respond in kind. Actually, more like creating opportunities to respond in kind.

Now for the love of God, just come out of the bigot closet and show a little guts. Closeted bigots are some of the lowliest cowards there are. Sadly, enough of them came out and expressed their true feelings in the voting booths. I'm guessing a lot them jacked it while they were in there. I hope you brought the tweezers with you when you voted old man.

P.S. This will all be deleted by the Merc Staff before most commentors see this.
Sorry Jar-Jar, you may be homophobic, not misogynist. My bad.

Nothing you fought for that day has anything to do with a Trump presidency. No disrespect this time I swear. Don't let the past warp your perception of today's reality.

Trump has less skin in the game than anyone you're beefing with here. He'll be "running" this country in less than 60 days. Think about that for minute.
Jarhead = Troll

Don't feed him.

The only reason agree with you about JH (for the most part and only on this rant) is that he totally lost his shit in that last comment of his. But I think it's a good thing he let loose. It shows how conflict and war can warp people's perception of reality and condition them to believe that might makes right and that a lot of tough talk is far more appealing than dealing with issues on an intellectual level.

Now don't get me wrong, a lot of us on the left (myself included) are often guilty of getting overly emotional about issues. However, the lefties generally aren't stocking up on guns preparing to handle societal conflict. Traditionally, the left only takes up arms when human rights are being trampled, not just their own interests.
I actually forgot about Jarshead's comments... you know, because I have a life and stuff. But, as predicted, I see that he did not, and could not, answer my question. No Republican can because they've been fed so many lies and disinformation that when you present them with the truth, it does not compute.

Yes, he engaged in the ever-so-tiresome Republican tactic of changing the subject. Wish I could continue this very, very stimulating back and forth, but I have more important things to do such as cleaning my cat's litter box.

I came to this rant because so many comments and I thought there would be a good exchange of ideas.
^jarhead, I am sorry for all the crap you went through and am glad you express yourself here. I am friends with a couple of old Marines that I met through my father. Their character speaks volumes. I don't always agree with you, but I just want to say Thank you for serving our country.
The Jar heads I know served when their options were go to prison, or serve your country.
Aww, poor Jarshead is getting picked on!

The question is still on the table, Jarshead... and you, nor any of your supporters have yet to answer it. All I'm hearing are cries of "Quit being a big meanie to Jarshead!" and vain attempts to change the subject... yet again.

It's really weird how changing the subject is so typical of a Republican argument.

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