Good God. the amount of time people spend on technology. on their devices, whatever it is, hours and hours of the day, all this useless, mindless information. selecting which device is compatible with that tv, modem, router, internet/cable company, computer, mac, pc, on and on, etc., etc. Good grief. Good gravy, waiting for the technician to setup the phone line for internet, even just waiting for the date they can come do it. then waiting in line to buy whatever it is that is needed at some store. then all the phone calls, wait times to people who don't understand, calling back, being disconnected, all the hours chatting online, all the hours talking to people for the best advice. saw someone buy a new curved TV. only knew about curved tv because some amazed people behind me said curved tv. big fucking deal. who gives a shit. I have a phone that texts and calls. I have a box tv with antenna ears. I recently lost my free wifi after 8 years, had a buy a modem/router and get internet service. good jesus, I've spent so much time finding out which modem/router I need for which internet company, along with shopping around for the best one. then talking to the modem company configuring the device, after hours talking to the internet company setting up the appointment and installation, about the bill. the installation guys taking an hour to do it in the rain. the internet company telling me to call the modem company, back and forth. all the cables, phone jacks. wow, internet!