It’s not a "crash," good people.

The word "crash" is obviously onomatopoeia, just like "boom" and "bang." No crashing sound is heard when nearly one or two tons of metal crushes soft human flesh.
For whom in the newsroom is this a “crash”?

Generally, you might hear a loud, sickening thud, then the body, on occasion, soars to unnatural heights before the second thud on the pavement or concrete. Passersby gasp, shout, groan, and sometimes scream, but even those who remain silent freeze in empathetic horror, or even begin to cry.

Drivers usually slow down for a morbid gawk, but quickly speed away when they realize that they may be interviewed by police or stuck in traffic. The more socially responsible drivers might dial 9-1-1 as they speed away.

Most pedestrians hit by cars are struck in crosswalks with the walk signal: true in NYC and PDX. And, it does not sound like a crash.

Morgan Maynard-Cook (5 years old, with one lane stopped for her)
Shbeb (10 years old, in a crosswalk)
Jaquis & Jayden Thornton (10 and 8, on the sidewalk)
Fallon Smart (15, in crosswalk with traffic stopped for her)
Stanley Henry Grochowski (65, in the crosswalk)
Tony Joy (75, in crosswalk with activated rapid flashing light beacon)

There are many more...