Dear Portland,

I've recently discovered that I am a gender queer male and I am starting to embrace that side of my personality. I wanted to express my most deepest and heartfelt gratitude to you for being so supportive and positive toward me. I'm the person you pass on the street who is wearing a hoody and a pleated skirt and you smile at me, you tell me that you like my style, or I'm wearing a really cute skirt. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate the positive comments and support because I've never had that before. Where I came from I was always the outcast, the one singled out, bullied, all because I didn't look like the rest of them. I came here and you accepted me; you're helping me to grow into the person I've only dreamed about and you showed me what acceptance was. You literally saved my life and for that I cannot thank you enough. Please continue to be you because I have a few more steps left to complete and I cannot wait to show you when I'm done.

All the love in the world,