There I was doing my servant job. The day before, a hard day of technical difficulties, and stupid, entitled, rude, ungrateful, horrible, rotten people, left me tired and in a bad mood. So doing it all over again, in the middle of helping a customer, a group of 2 or 3 girls and a adult came walking up. It's true I was expecting them to tell me what they needed help with because they were clueless to figure it out by themselves, but instead this.. The adult said something to the little girl, then she handed me what turned out to be a note, a candy cane, and Starbucks gift card. The note said something about giving and making people smile during the holidays. I accepted it, smiled, and said thank you. After just feeling low and unworthy, what I wished id done was ask them if I could hug them. I didn't. They had walked away immediately as I had the thought, and was helping someone else. Perhaps if I wasn't busy, I think I would've had the courage to hug them and say thank you for understanding. It was a real connection to human life and emotion. Not just the hustle and bustle of everyday superficial encounters. Nonetheless by strangers. You don't see that often. It made me sad and I cried after because generosity, kindness, and love is just so overcome by division, fear, and hate these days, especially when that's all I ever seem to see. They wanted nothing in return. I hope someday someone will show them my thanks for caring because I didn't express myself how I would've liked.