Allright, so you were this young punk kid who decided to piss on a homeless guys tarp covering all his stuff.
Your bootlicker friend thought it was funny and stood watching.
The way all people will do shitty things only in groups or to show off how cool and tough.
That sums it up people.
There are a ton of miscreant people like this walking this land and world.
What a waste.
I wanted to say something. I didn't
I was afraid.
I was pissed. HeHoHa.
I didn't want these negative thoughts in my brain for the day, and that circle my brain constantly forever.
Saying something will only cause an altercation I don't need.
Besides, there's no use with people like that.
I care less and less because of this guy.
I don't give a shit anymore.
If this guy seconds later got hit by a car, I wouldn't care.
I wouldn't dial for emergency.