It's not hard to understand why failures of all stripes lean Republican; it's the party of scapegoating. Women, minorities, gays, foreigners--for Democrats that's the base, for Republicans, them's the ones takin' yer jobs, rapin' yer wives, doin' terrorism stuff, and pervertin' yer kids.
Actually, Dennis Miller is a widely respected comedian, among other comedians. Sure, he's a right wing nut job. But he is a good comedian. The rest are pretty much spot on.
Kirk Cameron
Exene Cervenka
Add Stephen Baldwin to the list!

FYI: A total of 9 "celebrities" have been mentioned in the IA's post and comments. Can you list 10 left wing celebs who are as crazy as these Republican D-listers? You know, crazy as in calling Obama a Muslim and stuff like that.

We'll all be waiting as you Google information to support your dumb comment.
Actually, its pretty well documented that Adam Sandler is a conservative republican too.

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