This is the Pacific Northwest. If an inch of snow and ice makes you abandon your car for nearly 24 hours, then maybe you should look at relocating to another part of the country.

When Dennis Quaid lost his son Jake Gyllenhaal in New York City in the movie The Day After Tomorrow, a movie that predicted environmental disaster under the Trump administration, it took several feet of snow to force Quaid out of his car and walk. Sure, as a result, he lost his friend who played the creepy Reverend in Season 1 of True Detective, but the amount of snow we have here in Portland did not come close to what Quaid had to go through in The Day After Tomorrow.

Build up that courage and don't quit on the roads. It will take you longer to get home and watch horrible early 2000 movies on Netflix while you wait out the storm. Also, it's a pain in the ass when we have to drive around empty cars on the road.