I moved from North to East Portland about 6 months ago and I already miss my old neighborhood. Not only was everything within walking distance or a short drive, my postal carrier was top notch.

Rain, sleet, snow and all that jazz, he always had a smile and a hello. In my old neighborhood, the postal carriers walked their route and I sorta envied them for it. Who wouldn't want to be out of the office, listening to music/podcasts all day while getting paid?!

My new neighborhood is different. Not only do you have to drive 15 minutes to the nearest grocery store, my new postal carrier drives his route and is a grump. While moving in, a friend of mine committed what is apparently a mortal sin by parking in front of the mailbox. My friend discovered a note on his windshield stating whatever regulation it is that says you can't block a mailbox. Ok, whatever... I make sure to tell all my friends not to park there.

The dude across the street and his friends, though... some of them do park in front of my mailbox. On these occasions, I'll see the postal carrier pull up, shake his head looking all annoyed... and sometimes he'll walk the TWO FEET to the mailbox, other times he drives on by.

Listen dude, I have zero sympathy for you in your little white truck with the heater having to walk two feet to my mailbox if some idiot who I have no control decides to park in front of it. My old postal carrier braved the elements all year long and always had a smile!