Have you ever noticed those people who leave their car doors open while settling into their car? Busy streets like Lombard or Broadway... hell, I've even seen in on Hawthorne. People come out of whatever boutique shop they've just visited, open their drivers side door, get in and start organizing their bags, plugging in their phones or whatever it is they're going... all the while leaving their car door OPEN.

I've had to swerve or stop on occasion because the lane was too tight to drive by this open door. I just don't get the thought process that goes into deciding to leave your car door open in a busy lane of traffic. Are you people so locked into your own little world that you can't see there are cars whizzing by you and leaving your door open might be a dumb thing to do?

And as far as I know, if a car does hit your door, it's going to be your fault. I believe it is the driver's responsibility to make sure traffic is clear before swinging your fucking door open.

People are like zombies in this town... PAY ATTENTION AND SHUT YOUR CAR DOOR WHEN IT'S LEFT WIDE OPEN IN A BUSY LANE OF TRAFFIC! That is all...