You are a relative I love, but it is a one way street. When you helped me when I needed a friend, you were there. There were many conditions of how I had to find my way around Portland. You set so many boundaries and reminded me on many occasions I was extended family. When you got sick, I was so worried to the point of getting sick myself. It was a constant scolding as if we were children again. I put up with it because I felt it was just part of your healing.
When I got injured you never called to see how I was. You have been to my house at least 30 times since I have lived here. We were invited to your place once. My roommate and I have quit trying to make you happy. You go to lots of counseling for years. I get all that, what you don't know is that I know that you are pretending to be caring and loving. Your problem is you take so much medication and with the help of your wino husband, have become a person that is a bully. I will not be seeing you during the holidays, and will miss your precious dog my roommate and I use to watch on a fairly regular basis.. You say you are such a private person, but you do not respect other people's need to be respected. You won't read this, but there is a chance you might glance here when no one is looking. I will miss the real you, not the Church lady you pretend to be.