Me too! I most certainly understand where you're coming from. We're so alike. We're almost the same. Anything from the very difficult brushing of teeth/taking a shower, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, on and so forth. Then to those severe cases of doing errands and other responsibilities in the world, like working. I so know it's so tough. It's a crime to have to do so much. It's down right hard without mommy or daddy to tie our shoes. When they can't take us to the mall and ask us to ask our friends or Uncle Billy, that is just too much work too. So believe me when I say, I know what a chore it is to walk those 5 blocks to the store.

But let me tell a few things that I do that I noticed you don't do so you can start doing it too.

Because I don't like when my dirty sweaty ass meets someone else's dirty sweaty ass, I use the toilet seat cover. Then what I like to do is just leave it there. That's right. Right there on the toilet. Maybe the next person can reuse it? Pretty good one huh?

Then I like to place my half full plastic coffee cup in the trash ever so strategically on the top of the pile so it won't spill. Sometimes I gently place it at the bottom of the trash if it's empty. The sink is too far away.

Awesome. I'm glad we have a few things in common.