Yes it hurt. Yes some have meaning some were just novelty. Yes, I still have a job and have career goals.

Before I continue that conversation, let me interject and say I'm not offended by people asking me and my wife questions about our tattoos. We made the life decision to cover ourselves, attention - both good and bad - is a product of that decision.

The convo is always the same from an interested person. First, did it hurt. Second, do they mean anything to you. Third, are you able to work with those. And finally, HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND?

Its that final question that pisses me off. I don't walk up to pretty ladies and ask them how much they spend on their nails. I don't ask dudes why they spend 65 grand on a jacked up truck for nothing. I don't inquire why people still insist on smoking overpriced cigarettes despite the consciousness that they'll kill you and likely increase your medical dependency later in life. It goes on and on. I respect the fact that each person is in a different place in life and their decisions are no business of mine. If you have questions about tattoos by all means ask good productive questions. But the moment cost factor is brought up it just feels like a mountain of judgment coming out of a person who is likely wasting just as much money on other useless shit.