You were out walking your dog in front of your building on SE Stark. I'm the beardo who emerged from behind the garbage cans.
Your refusal of eye contact suggested you thought I was a bum. I get that. I explained that I lived in your apartment building years ago and had buried a beloved pet out back. I was in the neighborhood and wanted to pay my respects but access to the area was blocked off. You looked me up and down thrice.
I don't blame you. I'd be skeptical, too. Still, I gave details only a resident would know. You frowned and shook your head. I asked if there might be another access. You narrowed your eyes and looked me over twice more. Then you turned your back on me.
Again, I get it. I might've done the same. So I asked if you'd do me a favor next time you were out back and think a nice thought for my sweet kitty resting there. Before I finished you barked your refusal.
As the door slammed shut I added, "ASSHOLE!"
I'm sorry about that. You were definitely an asshole, but I can't fault you. I hope you'll still consider the favor.
I was like you once. I lived where you live with a pet who I loved. I hope your dog lives forever, but if someday they're buried out back I hope you can visit. Frankly, I doubt you'd have better luck gaining access than I had. I remember those apartments had built-in mirrors, so you must know what I mean.
In that case I hope someone will do you a kindness and think a nice thought for your beloved pet. It's the least you could've done.