How DARE Steve Martin call Carrie Fisher "Beautiful." I've been shocked by a lot of things in my day, but what Steve Martin tweeted takes the cake!

How can someone call Carrie Fisher Beautiful? How. Can. They?!

What was Steve thinking? How can a man I love, a man who I have no opinion on his physical appearance, say such an inhumane, offensive and DISGUSTING thing?!

When I first saw Star Wars as a youngin' in the theater, the first thing I thought when Princess Leia came onscreen was: "Wow, that silhouette in a white gown seems totally badass!"

Yes, I see people as silhouettes. I see no physical features that I can form an opinion on, or an attraction for. I still don't know what Jon Hamm looks like, but I hear people say he's a beautiful man, which I also find really offensive.

Steve Martin should apologize immediately. He should hold a press conference and plead guilty to the crime he committed. He should say he's retiring from show business and maybe give away all his money to a charity that I deem acceptable. Moving to a deserted island also sounds good.

I will never see Steve Martin in the same way again… I mean, Hitler was bad, but Steve Martin? I just don't know now.