Every now and again while driving around in my truck, I'll find a liberal station to stream and take a listen. All I keep hearing about is the whole Russia hacking thing. U.S. Intelligence Agencies report that Russia hacked the U.S. to influence the election. A sitting U.S. President also reports the same thing, and has imposed sanctions on ol' Russia and whatnot.

I'll turn the liberal station off after a short bit and then try to decide what I'm gonna think about all of this. Then, Trump, who I voted for, comes on and says it ain't true and that's all I need. If Trump says it ain't true, then it ain't true! I know, I know, he doesn't present no facts or information to support his claim, but if my president-elect says U.S. Intelligence Agencies and a sitting U.S. President are lying, then they're lying. Thems all the facts I need.

Trump is essentially giving Putin a hand-job from across the ocean and that's OK by me. The two of them are all kissy-face with man crushes on each other…. so be it.

Sure, some say this is unprecedented… a president-elect siding with a foreign country who hacked our political system, but Trump don't play by normal rules. He's his own man, and that's why I voted for him. Some say this proves he's a puppet… I say, WHATEVER.

Whatever Trump thinks, I think. No questions asked. It's the new American Way.