A new study came out that reports domesticated cats have caused the extinction of 87 different native bird species. This is horrible news and my first thought was that something has to be done about it.

My second thought was that nothing will be done about it. People don't care, and by people, I mean cat owners. We could have 100 species of birds go extinct and still they wouldn't care. Why?

Because "Lil' Snookums" wants to go outside and kill birds. That's it. That's the reason we're losing entire species of birds.

I wonder though, is there a number where cat owners would actually begin to care? 150 species extinct? 200 species extinct?

The Audubon Society reports that over 80% of the injured birds they get are cat-related. These are the birds that survive a cat attack. So, not only are there thousands upon thousands of birds injured by domestic cats every year, we're now losing entire species.

But again, Lil' Snookums sure does like to go outside, so, you know, there's not much that can be done to stop the wholesale extinction of native bird species.

Sorry birds!