Dear Psycho Guy at the grocery store where I work. You seemed normal, and I was nothing but courteous to you. I smiled and made conversation, and divided your twenty dollars worth of groceries into two paper bags since you didn't have your own. I thanked you. As I helped a very busy co-worker, you began to unravel. So here's the deal: I am not allowed to double bag, unless you request it. It was no problem for me to re-bag for you, but you ripped the bags out of my hands and wouldn't let me help you. I stood there and took your abuse. You insulted my intelligence and my psychic ability to know that you needed to walk your dog and groceries one block away to your home. You said that "People on the West Coast are lazy, on The East Coast people would use their common sense". So, "you get frustrated easily"? Please pack those issues into your own bags, or a wagon, or a douche canoe that you can sail back East. It's obvious you have other mental things going on. No-one, including humble grocery store employees, deserves that kind of treatment, and if you return I will have security on your ass. Have a nice day!