I have 2 school age kids and I work from home —
meaning I make real money from doing a specific group of tasks I do remotely with occasional client meetings. I don't live in my parents' basement. I have bills to pay so I have to work. I'm a single mom. My kids have been home for a month with a break of school in between for 4 days. What the hell is up with that? I was not aware there was a home school element to public schools in Portland. If I knew I would have prepared. How the fuck can they learn anything when their routine is constantly interrupted by late start and teacher in service days when they manage to actually have school? When I was a kid in public school in another state we had school no matter what. If there was snow or ice it got plowed. If it was really bad snow and ice the roads were cleared in 24 hours. This is some bullshit, PPS. And another thing — bleach the fucking shit out of those rooms. I'm sick of my kids coming home with lice.