What is it with the 60 year old men in this city?
You all look alike. You all have gray facial hair and a pot belly. You all wear hats. You all smell like an ashtray
Worst of all, you all seem to think you need to comment on everything.
You complain about the checkout line, even though you clearly have nothing else to do. You ride the bus or MAX at peak times when people have to get to work and fuss because it’s crowded. You bitch about government meddling but sure want your Social Security or food stamps or Medicare.
Nobody gives a shit.
Not the cashier, not the bus driver, not the person next to you. Just because you’re 60 years old doesn’t mean your opinions are worth a good goddam.
And don’t embarrass yourself with the 22 year old beauty running the coffee shop. You don’t look like George Clooney. You’re not rich. That thing on your face doesn’t make you “distinguished.” The idea of you on top of her makes her nauseous. Beautiful young women only fall for homely old men in the movies.
When did you stop being men and start being imbeciles? Is this what I have to look forward to?
Maybe once long ago you raised a family, had a career, kissed a woman, fought a war, did great things or did nothing at all, but I don’t care and for sure don’t want your advice. So shut the fuck up.