If you all haven't heard about the old Right-wing white guy in Lake Oswego (Kevin Kerwin), you should check him out. He's name-calling Liberals (typical right-wing behavior) and attributes the actions of the 4 kidnappers as Liberal behavior. Looking on his Facebook page, this dude has countless posts that are anti-Obama, pro-Trump, "Lyin media," anti-Clinton, pro-gun... I mean, everything you'd assume that a brainwashed Republican would have.

I think it's funny that right-wingers love to attribute the actions of a few to the ENTIRE Democratic party. Same way they attribute actions of a few African-Americans to the ENTIRE race.

Using their twisted logic, can we attribute the actions of Dylann Roof to the ENTIRE white race? How about the actions of Frazier Glenn? Can we say that Edgar Maddison is representative of the ENTIRE Republican party?

How about the FACT that it's been proven again and again and again that white, right-wing conservatives are the biggest threat to our nation's security than ISIS?

See, the actions of these white, right-wing extremists are all separate incidents... and the right-wing media barely even calls them out. But! The actions of a few people who they ASSUME are Liberals can be attributed to ALL Liberals.

Doesn't make much sense, does it? Well, when does venturing into the mind of a right-winger make any sense? There's no reasoning with these foul-mouthed, hateful people; they live in Opposite World.