Does anyone here use that Rooster site? I just signed up and, I gotta say, it seems like a forum for what's commonly referred as "e-begging." Sure, there are those who are giving away their unused items (usually garbage), but most of the posts are from people asking for things like free money, free furniture, free toys for their 5 kids, free refrigerators (yes, someone asked for a free working refrigerator)...etc.

What really got me is this couple who "Just moved to the Laurelhurst area" and were requesting a free queen-sized bed. That's right, they wanted a free queen-sized bed. Don't worry though, they already had the sheets ready to go... you just supply the free bed and frame!

I've also noticed a lot of members on OKC that have Patreon accounts and seem to just want you to send them money. They're not offering anything in return (Hey, if they were escorts, I'd understand), just requesting that you send them money, or buy them things... some profiles had links to items they apparently want you to buy them for nothing in return.

I'm not opposed to giving to charity, or helping those in need... but there seems to be a lot of people who are just begging for free stuff and/or money... able-bodied individuals who want you to subsidize their lifestyles. I mean, hey, to each their own, they're just not getting my money or couch/rug/car/TV/refrigerator.

By the way, I set up a Patreon account; send your 'donations' to this link, if I first don't run out of charac