She's the mom of his kid!!

You call yourself one of her best friends, and yet you're sleeping with the father of her son. A dude she's trying to raise not to be like him, and you're still doing it.

We went on vacation, 13 of us, and you slept with him one week before she allowed
you to stay rent free on HER timeshare.?

A growing man only knows how to do it because of his dad.
He’s not a toy you get to play with, and then delete as if he’s an app on your iPad.
She didn’t born this little man so he could watch his mom express her feeling with pretend.
This is their LIFE, lady.
And you're going to pretend its not happening?
Your true friendship is unraveling!
She didn’t friend you so you could put her on display.
This is why you don’t get to.
This is why as her REAL friend i will always call you out, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!