I think anyone with half a brain knows the comment section on OregonLive is filled with right-wing trolls with limited writing skills and poor reading comprehension. I rarely venture into the filth that is the right-wing online commenter, but I did so yesterday due to the snow updates and whatnot.

Funny (and sad) thing is, a lot of these people were actually blaming the snow on Liberals… or "Libtards" and "Libbies" to use their slang.

They weren't only blaming the lack of road clearing, the lack of salting the earth, the state of emergencies declared, while also praising the death of homeless people (it's their own fault, you know), but they were attributing the actual snowfall to Liberals. Yes, the actual falling and accumulation of snow is apparently a Liberal conspiracy. How fucking whacked out can you be?

OregonLive and Yahoo News are huge right-wing online echo chambers. It's just one right-wing loser echoing the bigoted and uneducated comments of another right-wing loser. Round and round the fake news goes…

Also, there's a certain other "alternative" paper that got rid of their "Civil Comments" requirements and right-wingers have infested that site as well, dirtying it up as they do. Sad.