Leg Immobilizer on Wheels


Except sometimes the doctors insist you keep moving and active, except maybe you have some other condition that prevents you from using crutches, like impinged nerves or topical conditions and infections, or arthritis in your hands and neck, or carpel tunnel, except sometimes you still have to go to work or you'll be homeless and die with no healthcare, except maybe it was a friend who just wants to help not a paid assistant, except maybe you are not entitled to a damn thing, people are allowed to access all the same things you are, you can wait your turn like everyone else has to. Really, aren't there more clever anonymous rants that could get selected besides that of a child not yet mature beyond "Me, me, me! Mine!" and the cognitive ability to distinguish that other people exist and have their own needs and lives?
the things that tick people off really crack me up. Such unstable creatures we are. It's amazing people aren't losing their shit more often.
i may have a broken leg, but i can still kick your ass.