The thing about snow, same for rain, which is the same as sun, is that it makes stupid people more stupid. You can do it! Drive that car up that hill! Its okay, my man, its snowing! Its your right to run red lights now! Theres room for hopeless people to become more hopeless too. Yean man! Yell at me if I have a lighter. When I say I dont, yelling at me in disgust makes perfect sense. Yeah man! Youre the same guy yelling at the bus driver when he wont let you on without a fare. Id truly like to think extreme weather affects your brains to cause you to daydream a little more and make poor decisions, but the truth is, youre stupid and hopeless regardless. The thing about shoveling sidewalks is it just goes to prove how petty neighbors are. Stopping right at those distinguishable property lines! You have all this time on your hands. Do it, my man! I dont care if think im a terrible neighbor. Hope you feel good about your accomplishments! They say safety is the reason to cancel school and work. Snow day! Lets all go to grocery store and act like weve been drugged and never been in a grocery store. I know I like to act like I just escaped from a fire and feel so dazed and confused. Nah, laziness isnt the excuse to cancel life. "Noones here because your safety is our utmost importance." So where do you find these clowns? Downtown and shopping. You all remind me of that hairy nose old man with a huge bubble drip hanging off his nose for 5 min. But no way man! Its fun, snowmageddon!