After being cooped up in the house for two days, my girlfriend and I dug out our suv for a trip to the grocery store and a lesson on the perils of driving on snow and ice. On our way back, she was doing fine and then another black sub started following too closely. As we turned the corner, she expressed with displeasure that they too had turned right. At the end of the intersection I spotted an old caddilac struggling to make up a slight incline, had my gf pull over, so I could push it up the hill. As I slipped pushing, I looked at the others in the other suv who just stared blankly. I tell the man I'll push with my sub to get him going over the hill, and as my gf is getting out, the other car pulls around both of us and cross the intersection, even though they were turning right. That's right, not only did they not help, the cut off the old man in the caddy. Thanks a lot, I hope you get stuck alone sometime and no one helps you.