After reading a recent article on OregonUGH about an African-American family who had their home essentially stolen by the city in the 70's in the name of progress (Urban Renewal/Emmanuel Hospital), I did something I keep telling myself not to do: Read the comments. (Yes, I'm the same person who recently griped about OregonUGH comments)

For most sound-minded and caring people, the story might have pulled at their heart-strings and make them feel for this poor family who played by the rules and still lost out in the end. But, for the commenters at OregonUGH, they'll immediately play the race card, trying to compare the hardships some white people have faced in a sad attempt to discount the oppression African-Americans have had to fight throughout the history of this country.

Why does it always have to be tit-for-tat with these people?

Yes, OregonUGH: Where bigoted basement dwellers go to spew their hatred and ignorance. Where the Mountain Dew Drinkin', Cheetos dust encrusted finger typin', virginal and unemployed white old man comes to have his foul-mouthed and hateful rhetoric echoed.