I happened to pick up a copy of The Mercury tonight and came across your I, Anonymous. I have to say, I'm touched that so much effort into contacting me would have been expended.

I've taken to Heroin recently and I will tell you that all is forgiven. My girlfriend and I are on another plateau as of late, and any grievances made by friends are dealt with in a timely and emotional manner. In the end, we can't ask for much more, can we?

I would like to say that those days spent with you before my girlfriend arrived were bliss. We had so much fun driving around the desert and accidentally poking our hands with cacti. I can still envision that nondescript hill we randomly selected to race up, only to find a grand view once on top. That day was amazing.

Yes, I'll admit that I was a tad bit hurt by what you said, but I can't blame you; I've been guilty of the same crime.

It's windy out and I have to stoke the fire before bed. Do not fret, old pal, we are still connected. We're still friends. Amigos. Compadres. Hey, I can say these things because my mom is half-Mexican.

With Love,