Get over it. Trump won. Now accept him as YOUR PRESIDENT! I accepted Obama each time he won. Stop acting like spoiled rotten children not getting something you wanted for once. Stop provoking Trump and his supporters. You and the media stir up asinine stories for the sole purpose to discredit and delegitimatize. You sound like leftist versions of Alex Jones' conspiracies. Has anything materialized? NO Because they carry absolutely no credibility. Hacking has been going on for decades. WHen you're out there protesting whatever in a couple days, side by side the black bloc arachists, know that you will accomplish absolutely nothing but liberal street cred that you can gloat about how you stood up against fascism and kkk in usa nonsense. Normal hardworking Americans will be at their jobs, having taxes leeched from them to support your entitled, handout dependent backsides. With that said, stay out of the roads! This XY can't be late.