I Don't Care if You're a Pedestrian


Maybe you shouldn't be such a dickbag and actually drive safely then. Pedestrians have the right of way, FFS. Get over yourself.
Pedestrians should stay the fuck off the road when these conditions exist and people are driving. Pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way if a vehicle is already in motion and unable to stop. People have been hit before in crosswalks and lost lawsuits because of this same scenario. If a vehicle is already in motion and unable to stop safely, and enters another lane of traffic or crosswalk where the pedestrian or vehicle was at a stop and proceeded to go, the original vehicle (moving unable to stop) is not at fault for the accident. Do some research on it. In the provided rant, being a hill on ice and the light turned yellow, I'm assuming the truck made the assessment that a pedestrian was waiting at the light and it was safer to proceed through the yellow-turned-red than to skid and possibly slide out of control. The pedestrian was waiting and therefor not at risk by the decision made. If the pedestrian WAS NOT waiting, then that means they were jaywalking. Get over hating trucks, it's so 2004.
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